by Martyn Hicks


Conference Photographer Blog which will give you further details and background on some of the Conferences and Events we have Photographed over the recent years. We cover conference and events across the UK including the main conference centres in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds.

Archbishop Desmond TuTu


Here's the first Blog post on this new domain of, previously I have hosted this site in a different design on the domain but seeing as I had the .com and didn't use it I thought it was about time I used that domain and updated some content on the web showing all the Conference and Event Work I have done.

I though for this post it would simply be the one image which I have shown on my various websites across year which was one of Desmond TuTu at the One Young Word Summit in London around 8 years ago! I have done each Summit since then in various places and most recently this year in Bogata and each is quite an amazing Event. This for new was my highlight of the Events we have covered and definitely he's a special person to photograph. I'm sure anyone who has met him would agree

Martyn Hicks